Omnicap offers services covering virtually every aspect of the municipal finance sector. We offer municipal advisory, financial advisory, investment advisory, swap advisory, arbitrage rebate, post-issuance compliance, and other specialized services required by our clients. Omnicap creates custom solutions designed to meet each client’s specific needs, circumstances and budget.

Municipal Advisory and Financial Advisory Services

• Comprehensive advisory services for competitive and negotiated transactions
• Evaluate funding options and method of sale
• Development of marketing plan including rating agency and credit presentations
• Bond and debt sizing, cash flow modeling and other debt structuring
• Bond pricing advisory
• Evaluating the need and economic benefit of credit enhancement
• Underwriter compensation, syndicate structure, and designation policies
• Schedule management and document review
• Municipal Advisory experience includes:

• Short and long-term structures
• Fixed and variable rate products
• Non-traditional municipal debt structures
• Taxable and tax-advantaged transactions
• General obligation, pooled loan revenue programs, lease revenue, & asset-backed financings

Arbitrage Rebate and Other Post-Issuance Compliance Services

• Post-issuance compliance & policy development
• Arbitrage Rebate & Yield Restriction
• Private Use and Use of Proceeds Analyses

Investment Advisory Services

• Investment Advisory
• Fixed-income Investment Management
• Competitively bidding out refunding escrows & debt service, reserve, & surplus funds investments
• Negotiated GIC, Investment Agreement and Forward Purchase/Delivery Agreement terminations
• Portfolio review & structuring

Swap Advisory Services

• Swap structuring, pricing & terminations
• Negotiated and competitive procurement, novations and terminations
• Mark-to-market valuation, GASB 53 analytics & GASB 72 CVA
• Deemed swap termination calculations

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